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NEW Properties from Online Land Sales LLC!

June 17, 2007

Online Land Sales Update - NEW Properties from Online Land Sales LLC! Welcome to Online Land Sales /

Contact UsReferral Program Earn $50 referring a friend. Simply use the "Send this page to your friends" link at the top right corner of most auctions. When your friend pays for the transaction, you will receive $50 cash. It's that simple. Think of a few people who you know who would be thrilled to buy some of the discount land that Online Land Sales LLC offers. Go to the auctions at that you think these friends want to buy. Then simply click on the "Send this page to your friends" link, and send your friends the auctions.This $50 payment offer is for existing customers of Online Land Sales LLC only. BLOG Espanol/Spanish Dispute Resolution User AgreementWebsite Copyright 2005, 2006, 2007 Online Land Sales LLC

Featuring Lake Livingston Village, TX Lake Livingston is a short 75 Mile trip to Glamorous Houston, Texas and 175 miles South East of Dallas Texas. It has year round lake recreation, swimming pools, RV park, small park, quiet forested community, and near year round fishing. There's power, gas, electric, and phone to road front. The lots are approx. 3,000 sq. ft.Property Location:Lake Livingston Village Subdivision:You will receive one of these Sections.Section 8 Section 13Section 14Many lots are available.

CASH SPECIAL:$900 per lot, NO DOC FEE! 24 Hours Only! Reference this email only.¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP%2dBuyNowBF&charset=UTF%2d8

We also have Navajo County, AZ

Arizona Ranchos lots are approx. 1 Acre. Access to Lot: Gravel Road Access with Paved Roads within Miles of lot. You can enjoy mountain views and beautiful weather. BUY THIS LOT NOW! CASH SPECIAL: $1,000 per lot, NO DOC FEE! 24 Hours Only! Reference this email only.¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP%2dBuyNowBF&charset=UTF%2d8

Online Land Sales LLC is available 9 to 5 (PST), (530) 725-8671, (866) 878-8334, Skype: onlinelandsalesllc, 24 hour email: , Payment Information: Deed Vesting Details:

All properties can be purchased with low monthly payments, and low or no down payments. Terms range from 2 to 30 years and the interest rate is currently fixed at 9%. Online Land Sales seller financed properties are listed for sale at multiple online real estate sites, land listing sites, auction sites, and (the land auction community owned by Online Land Sales). Online Land Sales seller financing allows land investors to own, build and/or use land immediately, while making low monthly payments. This presents tremendous opportunity to land investors. Featured Sellers (New!)My Eranch
Beautiful OCEAN VIEW Lot!
Pacific Ocean Beach Just 25 Minutes Away! OWN THIS DESIRABLE OCEAN VIEW LOT IN HAWAII! You'll enjoy the scenic hour's drive down to Ocean View Estates from Kona International Airport. There are 11,000 lots one-acre lots in the subdivision and over 2,500 homes have already been built.Visit My Eranch at TODAY!Other Current Land For Sale at

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