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New Foreign Property!

Online Land Sales Update ~ New Foreign Property!

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As for hunting, this area of the Sierra Madre Mountains has bear, mountain lion, deer and rabbit.
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Rancho El Pinito is nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains at the border between the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora, approximately 2 hours from the town of Janus. This ranch consists of approximately 3,824 Acres (1,547.68 Hectares) and contains a variety of terrains and spectacular views, including mountain vistas, valleys, and pine and oak tree covered areas, all of which provide for numerous recreational possibilities, such as horse riding, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and four-wheeling, etc.

There are several large water storage tanks on the property for storage of mountain runoff and rainfall. There is also excellent road access to and through the entire property, as there's a dirt road which is a state road between Chihuahua and Sonora, and the government has been widening and renewing it in recent months. It runs approximately 7 kilometers through the property, and there are rumors that they will be paving the road through the property sometime in the next 2 years, although this is unconfirmed. They have recently paved about 20 kilometers of road on the way from the town of Janus to the property. Property taxes for this type of raw land are rather inexpensive in Mexico, and the taxes for the entire 3,824 acres currently totals approximately $1,400.00 per year.

With regard to non-Mexican nationals owning real estate in Mexico, foreign buyers can purchase real estate with 100% deeded ownership as long as the property is located at least 100 kilometers from the international borders and 50 kilometers from the coastline (the "Restricted Zone"). As all of this acreage is located just outside the Restricted Zone, foreign buyers can purchase the land and hold title in their own names without restriction.

Fort Gibson, OK
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Fantastic lakeside community ready for building that great vacation getaway at the lake. Recreation opportunities are abundant in this beautiful area of the country. Investment potential extraordinaire! Low cost of ownership. It is located in Wagoner County, OK.Taxes are current. Title is free and clear.
Size: 75 X 100

Subdivision: Lake Crest Unit 3

Some of the lots available!

Block 22 Lot 11

Block 9 Lot 28

Block 6 Lot 33

Block 6 Lot 56

Block 49 Lot 6

Block 4 Lot 60

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California Pines, CAThese are truly unbeatable opportunities to own beautiful lots in a Northern California recreation community. These lots sell for over twice the amount we are offering below. Do not miss this chance. If you can find a better deal in 60 days on a lot in this subdivision, we will refund you the difference.

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Alturas is a unique gateway to a bevy of hunting, ice and river fishing, water and snow skiing, golfing, and other outdoor activities. Mountain biking and cross country skiing are two of the local favorites.

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Subdivision:California Pines Subdivision Mobile Home Park Unit 1 Block 9

Below are some of the lots available.

Lot 31 APN: 036-402-15-11

Lot 37 APN: 036-391-16-11

Lot 38 APN: 036-391-17-11

Lot 39 APN: 036-391-18-11

Lot 40 APN: 036-391-19-11

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