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As you are a member, we would like to invite you to review the special properties Online Land Sales currently has for sale at We have been working hard to provide great discount land buying opportunities for you. Unlike residential real estate, land prices have not suffered a loss of value. Moreover, we offer easy financing on many of our properties.


5.33 Acres Ward County, TX Great Buy! Low Reserve!

California Pines, CA Mobile Home Park Low Reserve!

Putnam County, FL - All Season Retreat! Low Reserve!

Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma Boating, Fishing, Camping! Low RESERVE!

KINGMAN CITY LOT Mercantile Lot 42 Low Reserve!


1 Acre Petrified Forest Apache County, AZ $100/Month TERMS!

1/4 Acre Concho Lakeland, AZ TERMS! $100/Month Online Auction Community

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