Thursday, October 23, 2008

Once-in-a-century credit tsunami Special Land Deal

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STOCK MARKET SPECIAL: Lake Meredith Harbor  $1,400 per lot!  That is better than a stock any day, especially today!   Why invest in a worthless metal like gold (no real important use other than jewelry) or a stock certificate (that could loose all value completely), when you could invest in a nice piece of land that inherently has many purposes (source of all Energy, Food, Water, Shelter, and Recreation)?  Our prices have always been low, as we have been passing on volume purchasing to the small investor for years.  Now our prices are a little bit lower, as we have many defaulted properties that we have foreclosed on, and we can pass the savings we achieve on to our customers.  We will all survive this once-in-a-century credit tsunami.  The question is, do you want to buy land now while we are in the storm and investors are scared, and wait, or wait until the storm passes and then buy land?  




and  Legal







Property Location:

Lake Meredith





Property - Subdivision:   Lake Meredith Harbor
Property - Block:   5
Property - Lot:   27
Size 40' x 100' Taxes

$60 County Taxes and POA fee $60 Approx. depending on the Number of Lots owned

Call the Tax Assessor for more information at 806-878-4005


Utility Infrastructure

Lot Located Very Near to City Water, Gas and Electric, accessible from Access Road to lot.  Minimal Restriction on Lots

   Hutchinson County Website

Time Limit to Build


Modular and custom and homes allowed.

We have several of these Meredith Lots.  They are $1,400 each today!  Great Recreation Lots!  Just hit respond to this email and we will get you started.

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