Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stock Market Special! Buy Land at 30% Discount.

Stock Market Special!  Buy Land at 30% Discount.

Now is the time to buy our land.  We are expecting an increased demand for our land, especially the easy financing land deals, as the economy worsens and the ability to borrow continues to spiral. 

We have lots of great deals due to foreclosures on properties that we sold years ago.  Now is the perfect time to invest in land.   

We recently got an email from a customer, who purchased lots of land all over the country from us, to explain that she had made several trips in her RV to visit the lots.  She had comments on the beauty and access of each lot, and truly shared the adventure she has had in finding and appreciating her land.  She is considering some building.  

Let’s face it.  You can’t have that type of experience with a stock certificate.  You can use, rent, add value to with development, and enjoy your investment in land.  At the discount prices we sell land for, your land has a gain built in from day 1!  


40 ACRE Lot Near Downtown Winnemucca, NV TERMS $185/Month (FORECLOSURE)

We have sold three entire square miles of this land outside of Winnemucca, NV.  A small number of our customers (about 10%), who purchased 40 acre lots here, have defaulted on their loans, and the lots have been foreclosed on.  Take advantage of the economy!  Buy one for only $21,000 on terms today for only $185 a month, 9% interest!  40 ACRE Lot Near Downtown Winnemucca, NV TERMS $185/Month 



Lake Cypress Springs, Tall

Tree, Franklin, TX $1,150!  


Hawaii Big Island Ocean View Estates

TERMS $250/Month


San Luis Valley Ranches, CO

Close to Town TERMS



Land Auction Television is in beta.  Check it out.  New Content added daily.


Land Auction Television (NEW!)




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