Monday, June 15, 2009

30% Discount: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, 4 Lot Package - $2,900 Total

Cash Special - 30% Discount!

30% Discount!

4 State Package Deal ~ Extended for 1 Week! Buyer will get one lot in each of the four states, AZ, CO, NM, TX, and pay only $2,900 total for all 4 lots. Lots are Free and Clear. Don't miss chance to own 4 lots for only $2,900 total.

All taxes are current. The Buyer gets 4 lots total, as a package deal, for $2,900 total, for the next 24 hours only. Detailed descriptions below (1 through 4). Simply respond to this email to accept the offer.

1 1/4 Acre Concho Lakeland, AZ Apache County CASH

Regular Price: $1,500

22San Luis Valley, CO, 1/4 Acre, Close to Town $799

Regular Price: $799

Regular Price: $900

3 1/4 Acre Rio Del Oro, Valencia County, New Mexico CASH

4 Cochran, TX Properties 1 Acre Buy Today! $1,000 CASH

Regular Price: $1,000

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