Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving. Bargain prices on land for the Holidays - as sales of homes go up 10% in USA

thanksgiving.jpg (300×300)Happy Thanksgiving from Online Land Sales LLC. We are very happy that you chose to be a member of our Online Land Auction Community at Landbidz.com. We are excited about the recovering economy, and elated about the prospect of another land rush as real estate values improve.
Irrespective of land's obvious practical and aesthetic qualities, land is the ultimate commodity. Land is forever. Land continues to be the source of most energy, housing, food and consequently, most wealth. For the members who have been with us through the last land rush, and the recession, the decline in value has been very evident. We encourage you to take advantage of the current deals we have, and to stay posted for the future deals in the pipeline. Happy investing!

As a holiday special, you are invited to take 15% off of any item below, terms or cash. Simply mention this email when making the purchase or payment. Also, if you are purchasing a lot on terms, your down payment is only $1, and we will waive the documentation fee. Offer good for through Thanksgiving Day, 2009. ENJOY!

Downtown Lubbock TXLubbock Texas

Lubbock Texas

Lubbock Texas Properties. 1 Acre lots in a subdivision. Cash price of only $1,000 per lot, terms price of $2,000 per lot, with a $121 down payment and monthly payments $50 at 9% interest. This is nice land near town.


1 Acre lots and 1/4 acre lots in beautiful land in Kern County, CA.  Land is 2 hours North of Los Angeles.  Close to Edwards Air Force Base.   This is a special opportunity for you to own a nice lot in California for a nominal price.  Free and clear. $1K for the quarter acres / $2.5K for the full acres
We have the following lots avaiable: Quarter Acre Lots
1)  228-130-33-00-4 2)  228-140-63-00-4 3)  228-172-23-00-1 4)  228-222-31-00-8Full Acre Lots 1)  ATN # 228-360-30-00-2 2)  ATN # 228-452-29-00-0 


1/4 Acre Concho Lakeland, AZ Apache County CASH

1/4 Acre Concho Lakeland, AZ, Apache County, $75 per month
$121 DOWN


Jefferson County, AR Pine Bluff Jefferson Heights Addition - $100 per Month

$121 DOWN


San Luis Valley, CO, 1/4 Acre, Close to Town $799

San Luis Valley Ranches, CO Close to Town CASH
San Luis Valley Ranches, CO Close to Town TERMS


Whispering Oaks Ranch, Missouri, 5 Acre, $175/Month
$121 DOWN

40 Acre Lot, Winnemucca, NV, TERMS $185/Month, $1 Down!
$121 DOWN Video Driving Directions
New Mexico

1/4 Acre Rio Del Oro, Valencia County, New Mexico CASH


Cochran, TX Properties 1 Acre Buy Today! $1,000 CASH
Cochran, TX Properties 2.2 Acre Buy Today! $1,500 CASH
Cochran, TX Properties 1 Acre Buy Today! TERMS $50/Month
$121 DOWN
Culberson, TX Properties 12.5 Acre Buy Today! $1,900 CASH
Hudspeth, TX Properties 10 Acres Buy Today! CASH

Terlingua Ranch, TX, 10 Acres - SPECIAL PRICE $1,750Cash

Terlingua Ranch, TX, 10 Acres - SPECIAL PRICE $100 per month
$121 DOWN
Lake Cypress Springs, TX Great Buy! CASH $1,150

Lake Livingston Village, TX $750 CASH

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