Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Inspect/Visit your investment lot this year and write-off a portion of your expenses. 6 lots/$4,500.

Rio Del Oro New Mexico. Taste the Southwest. Phone Visitors: Mobile Site
We have 6 of the Rio Del Oro lots, some in Unit 1 and some in Unit 9. We will take $4,500 cash for all of them. Free and clear. None are adjoining. This is a neat deal. The lots are easily worth $1,000 cash each, and are fun to visit. If you want terms, the price would be $7,000 with payments of $300 ($50 per lot) per month and interest of 9%. This is also a great deal, as your down payment would be only $121 per lot. The lots are very easy to visit. Take a vacation this year to New Mexico and visit the modern real Southwest.
1/4 Acre Rio Del Oro, Valencia County, New Mexico CASH

Rio Del Oro Subdivision, part of the Rio Communities along the Rio Grande River in New Mexico, $900 each, (first come, first serve). These are nice quarter acre lots, with a dirt road to each lot.

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