Friday, April 23, 2010

Sales of New Homes Jumped 27% in March. Biggest increase in 47 years.

The stock markets are telling us that recovery is here. The recent gains in homebuilder stocks, and market at large, are telling us that real estate values are on their way up. We suggest you secure a low monthly payment deal before the Real Estate Market Explodes , and values surge again.
Cash Specials

4 State Package Deal. 4 Lots, AZ, CO, NM, TX, $3,000 total for all 4 lots. Free and Clear.

Any one of these would make a nice addition to a land portfolio. All are free and clear and taxes are current. You can have one of each lot, 4 lots total, as a package deal, for $3,000 total, for the next 24 hours only. If you want just one of these lots, feel free to make us an offer.

San Luis Valley, CO, 1/4 Acre, Close to Town $799


Or Best Offer

1/4 Acre Concho Lakeland, AZ Apache County CASH


Or Best Offer

Cochran, TX Properties 1 Acre Buy Today! $1,000 CASH $1,000 Or Best Offer
1/4 Acre Rio Del Oro, Valencia County, New Mexico CASH


Or Best Offer

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