Thursday, July 01, 2010

What was the past, what is the present, and what will be the future of real estate sales on the internet?

The real estate industry is just now embracing the internet, far behind many industries such as travel, financial brokerage and even dating. These internet savvy industries were quick to embrace the internet’s ability to match consumers to commoditized versions of a product.

In real estate, this phenomenon will manifest itself similarly, starting with the land sales. Land will be first, then times shares, then vacation and investment type condos, and lastly will be the commercial buildings and residential homes. This progression is based on a combination of required due diligence and preference for the quantitative rather than aesthetic aspects of real estate investing.

Land investing online is here now. Online land auctions are conducted on most major online auction venues, such as, and some smaller land sales only venues such as The advantage of the smaller venues is the expertise of the venues themselves with land transactions. Additionally, because of the lower fee structures and website traffic of the smaller venues, the consumer investor usually gets a better deal – often times from some of the same large online land sellers who also sell on the major venues.

Check out on online land auction today to buy or sell a property. offers free membership, and no listing fees to sellers. This is probably the best deal in land auctions on the internet.

Bargains for investors and quick sales for sellers, this is the new world of Online Land Auctions.

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