Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New State Search Sites and New Land Auctions closing in the next few days.

SPECIAL ALERT. FALCONHEAD RESORT LOT FORECLOSURE! We have a Golf Resort lot in a developed community available for immediate cash sale. See Falconhead below.
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1 Acre California Pines Resort Lot, Alturas, CA. CASH $3,000

1 Acre Californianes Resort Lot TERMS $100/Month

$121 DOWN
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Falconhead Resort, founded nearly 25 years ago, is a residential resort on 2,700 acres. The resort centers around the championship, 18-hole golf course, which originated as the site of a PGA championship tournament. Numerous Oklahoma championships have also been contested on the course.

We have one lot, that just came back on forclosure from a terms sale. We will take the first $3,000 cash for this lot and deed it out immediately - no payments. This is an unheard of opprotunity in a developed community. Lot is free and clear and ready to build.

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