Thursday, September 09, 2010

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Online Land Sales Reputation ( We have conducted thousands of online land auctions, and made thousands of direct land sales. We have an email list membership of over 15,000 people, and our land auction website,, has a membership of over 13,000 people. We have traded at every major online community on the internet, and we are members of the Better Business Bureau, Square Trade, Pay Pal, Google Checkout, and numerous reputable online organizations that have independently rated and certified us.

July 9, 2010: Weekend Special -- Online Land Sales -- Antler Ridge.
Daily Special

1 Acre Lot. Cochran County Texas $1,000 Cash
Current Bid: $1.00
Time Left: 5d 1h 41m

.07 Acres Kingman Mercantile Hwy, AZ. Free and Clear.
Current Bid: $1.00
Time Left: 5d 1h 32m

Sugartree Falls, TN-6.58 Acres 170/Month
Current Bid: $1.00
Time Left: 5d 1h 49m

California - Take 10% off! If you already bought one, buy another and we will take 10% off of both of them. We have extended this offer until 09/10/10.
1 Acre California Pines Resort Lot, Alturas, CA. CASH $3,000

1 Acre California Pines Resort Lot, Alturas, CA. TERMS


$121 DOWN
Tennessee -

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