Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Reasons to Buy Land

New Mexico

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    Landbidz.com Online Land Auction Community New York Land For Sale (website) just went online.

    New York Land For Sale
    New York Land for Sale offers a Google Land for Sale Search. The search is limited to just land for sale websites.
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    Landbidz.com Online Land Auction Community Online Land Sales LLC has started placing their land for sale listings directly on Facebook. The listings contain Buy Now links to Pay Pal for instant purchase. The listings are available at the “My Listings” tab on Landbidz pages at Facebook.

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    Landbidz.com Online Land Auction Community The Landbidz search page has been enhanced. Recommendations for property generated by the Facebook Social Graph are now included on the search page. Also, now you get a side by side comparison of items available at fixed price and auction; http://landbidz.com/fixedpricespecials.htm.

    Search Land For Sale and Landbidz.com - Enter a land keyword and we'll search for you!

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    10 Reasons to BUY LAND.

    1. Hold for Appreciation

    2. Resell for Cash Immediately

    3. Resell on Terms with Interest Bearing Monthly Payments

    4. Develop

    5 Mining (sometimes), Farming, Solar and Geothermal

    6 Enjoy for Hiking, Camping, ATVing, Mountain Biking, and more

    7 Give as a Gift

    8 Allocate as a Portion of IRA

    9 Leave for your Children Inherit

    10 Take Pride In

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