Friday, October 15, 2010 Online Land Auction Community Online Land Auction Community Make some money sharing our Land for Sale ads with your network. Each ad is for a $121 down payment, and you will earn 25% of this down payment automatically when a person you share the ad with makes the down payment. It's that simple. It's all automatic; you simply share the ad with the “share” button for Facebook, or distribute with other options, including placing the ad on your blog or website. It's all built into the ad itself. Check it out and make some money.

10 acre, TX, $121 Down
1 acre, AZ, $121 Down
5 acre, CO, $121 Down
1 acre, CA, $121 Down
10 acre, MO, $121
20 acre, MO, $121 Down
1 acre,TX, $121 Down
6.47 acre,TN, $121 Down
40 acre, NV, $121 Down

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