Saturday, May 04, 2013

3 to 12 Acres, Cedar Ridge, Phelps County, Missouri. TERMS $100 to $400/Month

3 to 12 Acres, Cedar Ridge, Phelps County, Missouri

This part of Missouri is absolutely gorgeous.  Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor activities centered around the natural attractions. The subdivision is within a short drive of the beautiful National Scenic Riverways and within just a few miles of thousands of acres of recreational public lands.
While enjoying the friendliness of the small town environments, local citizens are able to take advantage of the opportunities and services found in the larger municipalities nearby.
The Ozark Foothills Region is an excellent place to start living your dream “country” life!
Access is via paved State Highway K. All tracts have been professionally surveyed and all corners are marked.
Missouri, Phelps County, 3 to 12 Acres Cedar Ridge Ranch. TERMS $100 to $400/Month
Down Payment $121.00

3 to 12 Acres   Cedar Ridge Ranch, Phelps County, Missouri
Our Price: $10,000 to $40,000.  No Qualifying financing. Instant Online Purchase Available.

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