Thursday, December 04, 2014

Cyber Monday (week) Deals Continue. Land at $2,750 total, $100/month.

Buy land instantly at auction, or for a fixed price. Receive the lowest cash price, or the lowest down payment and monthly payments available anywhere. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy any lot THIS WEEK for ONLY $50 down.  Just use the following coupon code at checkout: $50down

Arkansas (ONLY $2,750)

Arkansas, Izard County, 1/3 Acre South Shore Crown Lake. TERMS $100/Month
Down Payment $121.00

1/3 Acre Izard County, Arkansas. Resort Lot Near Huge Lake. Our Price: $2,750. No Qualifying financing. Instant Online Purchase Available 

California (ONLY $5,500)

California, Modoc County, 1 Acre, California Pines Resort. TERMS $100/Month
Down Payment $121.00

1 Acre   Alturas, Modoc County, California. Resort Lot Near Small Lake.
Our Price: $5,500. No Qualifying financing. Instant Online Purchase Available 

Texas (ONLY $2,000)

Texas, Cochran County, 1 Acre. TERMS $50/Month
Down Payment $121.00

1 Acre Cochran County, Texas Our Price: $2,000. FIND A LESS EXPENSIVE ACRE IN TEXAS AND WE WILL MATCH THE PRICE.  No Qualifying financing. Instant Online Purchase Available. 

Oklahoma, Pittsburg County, 5.91 Acre Indian Ridge. TERMS $230/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Missouri, Shannon County, 6.02 Acre Green Mountain Ranch. TERMS $175/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
California, Lassen County, 20.56 Acres Moon Valley Ranch. TERMS $210/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Oklahoma, Pittsburg County, 13.79 Acres Indian Ridge II. TERMS $330/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Missouri, Phelps County, 5.1 Acres Cedar Ridge Ranch. TERMS $200/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Oklahoma, Love County, .23 Acre Falconhead Resort. TERMS $100/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Hawaii, Hawaii County, 1/4 Acre Nanawale Estates, Plumeria Road. TERMS $175/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Wyoming, Sweetwater County, 40 Acres. TERMS $185/Month 
Down Payment $121.00
Oklahoma, Pushmataha County, 10.67 Acre Trophy Ridge III. TERMS $200/Month 
Down Payment $121.00

Arkansas California Colorado Hawaii Missouri Nevada Oklahoma Tennessee Texas Wyoming $121 Down

We now accept American Express, as well as many other popular payment methods. 

Land for Sale with Guaranteed Financing. No Credit Check. Low Down Payment and Low Monthly Payments. No early payment penalty. 
Receive a 10% discount on the remaining balance if paid early. Use or build on the land while making payments.
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